Do you know how your products and brand are being represented on Amazon?

Protecting your brand on Amazon is more than just Unauthorized Sellers of your product. That is an issue but it’s much more than that! You need Accurate brand representation and enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry gives you greater influence and control over your brand’s product listings on Amazon.

Our Brand Reputation Protection and Management Includes:

  • Amazon Brand Registry
  • Dealing with Unauthorized Sellers
  • MAP Violators
  • Managing and Monitoring Product Reviews
  • Managing and Monitoring Seller Feedback.

Amazon is still like the “Wild,Wild, West” for most sellers but there are ways to protect your brand. And if you sell to brick and mortar stores you definitely don’t want them seeing your products below MAP!

Contact us today and let us evaluate your brand presence on Amazon and see how we can help you take back control of your brand.