We eat, sleep, and breathe selling products online!

Whether it’s selling on your own website like Shopify, or on a massive site like Amazon, we use Proven Processes and Strategies that increases sales not only for our partners but for our own ecommerce sites and products. We don’t do anything that we have not tried ourselves and proven that it works. A ton of traffic is useless if that traffic doesn’t convert to sales!

You hear it all the time now… Brick and Mortar Stores are Dead! WRONG! Only the stores that are not evolving and finding ways to engage their customers are dying. Growing up my dad owned a Western Auto store. Back then Walmart was just starting to open in the bigger towns. All of the smaller General Stores pretty much went out of business within a few years, including my dad’s. It was a sad thing. However, the stores that pivoted, specialized in certain areas, or found a way to serve people by helping them in ways they needed actually survived!

My dad found other ways to serve people, and not only survived, but thrived! I couldn’t help my dad back then but I do know how to help people today that need help with their online business or taking their product online. We love helping our clients have success online! It’s actually more rewarding to us than our success with our own products and sites! We’re actively involved in a huge community of successful online sellers that work together to find ways to make sites and products successful. Sometimes it just takes a few tweaks to skyrocket sales and sometimes it takes a complete overhaul and the right optimization to increase the sales. Not every product is successful in ecommerce and we’re good at determining if you have a winner or not. Those that are successful can be life changing!

We would love to partner with you and make it a win-win for both of us. Our Formula for Success is: Quality Products, Relationships, and Proven Processes.

Here’s our Blueprint for Success:

  • EXPLORE – We do a discovery call and evlauate your business, and or product, using our North Star Blueprint to see what changes would be most impactful.
  • EXPAND – We expand your business by making impactful changes that will increase sales.
  • EVOLVE – To keep your business growing it needs to evolve with the ever changing landscap of ecommerce. We love to partner with businesses to keep them on the cutting edge. If you’re not growing, you’re dying!

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