Our Amazon PPC Management uses the latest and greatest Proven Strategies to increase the traffic to your product pages. Amazon is always changing their algorithms so we’re always changing our strategy to ensure we’re using what works best now for conversions.

We use Comprehensive Keyword Research which identifies the words Amazon customers search to find and purchase products. Our sophisticated process for identifying targeted keywords not only works for your Amazon PPC Campaigns but we then use the best converting keywords in your product detail pages which allows your products to be indexed and searchable by the Amazon search algorithm. This allows your product to increase in the organic rankings for those keywords which in turn increases your organic sales.

Amazon PPC Ad Types

There are three different PPC advertising formats; Sponsored Products ads, Sponsored Brand ads and Product Display ads.

  1. Sponsored Product ads allow you to promote individual product listings to Amazon shoppers as they shop for specific items
  2. Sponsored Brand ads help drive awareness for your brand by featuring your brand logo alongside three of your products
  3. Product Display ads target Amazon shoppers when they are considering whether or not to add an item to their cart